Best retail credit cards


When looking for a credit card there are many factors that you need to consider, like annual fees, cash back offers, shipping restrictions and more. These things all make a difference when looking for a credit card that is right for you. Retail credit cards are a wonderful option to help you build your credit and to get more for your money. Since retail store credit cards can only be used in that particular store they are ideal for people who have never had a credit card before. You can only make purchases at the individual store and that helps prevent you from buying up a ton of things and overspending. There are many risks involved when opening a credit card, but a store credit card can help you reduce your personal risks. Here are some of the best retail cards to consider.

1) Target REDCard

If you love shopping at Target, you should highly consider applying for the Target REDcard. This card is one of the best cards because it comes with several unique benefits. This card has no annual fees and a 5 percent cash back offer on all your store purchases. It also features free two day shipping and extra days to make returns. These incentives make it one of the optimal cards to open, but is typically only granted to people who have a credit score of over 640. Target has everything from clothes to food and more so you can make all of your purchases here and watch your cash back value rise.

2) Store Card

Another store that is becoming more and more popular today is Amazon. If you are an avid Amazon customer, you may want to consider opening a credit card to help you take advantage of the unique offers. This card is available for people who have an Amazon Prime membership and have a decent credit score. This card allows you to collect 5 percent cash back on all purchases at Amazon. Amazon also gives all new credit customers a free 10 dollar credit. This card has no annual fees and a 0 percent APR for the first two years.

3) JCPenney Card

This credit card is ideal for those who shop at JCPenney because it is not only a credit card. This reward card offers great rewards for frequent customers. For example, this store offers a ten dollar gift card for every 200 points spent. You are able to receive one point per dollar spent. You are also able to save 15 percent on the day you open your card, which is ideal around the holiday season when you are purchasing a lot at once. There is no annual fee and a 0 percent APR for the first five years.

4) Capital One Walmart Rewards MasterCard Rewards

This Walmart credit card is great because you can take advantage of the many benefits of this card as you do all of your shopping at this super store. You can earn 5 percent cash back on all online purchases and 2 percent cash back on in store Walmart purchases. Since this credit card is offered through Capital One you can also use this card anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. It allows you to collect 1 percent cash back on all purchases at any location. This card offers no annual fee and a zero dollar balance transfer fee. This card is offered to people who have even fair credit, so it is a great way to help build your credit score if it is lower than average.

5) Lowe’s

Anyone that owns a home or is a handyman knows how expensive home repairs and remodels can cost. To help you save money you can apply for the Lowe’s credit card. This card is typically offered to people who have at least a fair credit rating. It has a 0 dollar annual fee and offers a 5 percent cash back offer on all purchases made at or at a Lowe’s store. This can help you save money on everyday purchases and large purchases. Another benefit of this card is that you are given the opportunity for special financing if you make a purchase over 299 dollars. If you spend this much on one transaction you can choose between a 0 percent interest rate for the first six months or a 5 percent savings. The choice is completely up to the consumer so it can meet the needs of individual customers instead of deciding for you.

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