Easiest unsecured credit cards to get approved for?


Do you have a low credit score that you desire to improve? If you do, the best way to build your credit is by starting with an unsecured card. There are many financial institutions willing to approve your card application.

Although unsecured credit cards will help raise you credit score above 580 FICO Scores over time, there is a catch.

Due to the high risk of default, credit companies have set certain policies to ensure they do not incur great losses. Most issuers of unsecured credit cards, therefore, charge high annual fees, lower limits on the credit you can access, and charge high fees in return for their approval to your credit card application.

Here are some unsecured credit cards you can easily get approval for:

Surge Mastercard

If you want access to a card that offers quick and simple application process, then this credit card is what you need. With it, you can also pay a protection fee that will guarantee the waiver of all your debt when you die.

You can access your account at any time of the day or night for free, and if you continue to pay back your debt on time for six months consecutively, your credit limit will grow at a steady rate.

The APR is about 25.9% of the credit and the card provides monthly reports of your credit activities to three credit bureaus.

You do not have to visit the bank or an ATM physically to get access to your money because you can monitor your account online using a mobile app, make payments through your phone, and check your account balance.

Indigo Unsecured Mastercard

This card will help you rebuild your credit card score easily by providing monthly reports to the bureaus of credit about each of your transactions with the card.

It charges a maximum annual fee of $99 and a regular annual percentage fee of 24.9%.

If you lose your credit card or someone steals it, you will also be safe from identity thieves and extortion because the card offers protection against fraud in such events.

Do not shy away from application due to your previous bankruptcy because the all your negative credit history will be overlooked during application of the card.

You can also monitor your account via your smartphone from wherever you are.

Reflex Mastercard

Get your credit application approved in seconds for this Mastercard.

The annual percentage rate is around 25% to 30%. If you pay back your debt regularly for six months, your credit limit will definitely increase.

As your credit score rises due to good credit performance, you may no longer need to pay a maintenance fee each month.

Note, however, that any foreign transaction you make with the card will result in a fee charged to your account. When you fail to pay back your debt on time, you will incur another fee for late payment.

The card also offers cash advance but at a fee.

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