Best auto rewards credit cards


One of the biggest investments that a person makes in his or her life is a new or used car. A car often costs a great deal of money upfront and requires maintenance each year to keep it running properly. When looking to purchase a new car, you should also look into opening up a credit card that can help you save. Credit cards offer cash back and special financing, both of which could help you save money when buying a new vehicle. Here are some of the top auto rewards cards to consider.

1. Lexus Pursuits Platinum Visa

This Visa credit card can be used anywhere that Visa cards are accepted. This gives you added flexibility when it comes to using your card and can help you save on everyday purchases. With this card you can earn five points for every dollar spent at a Lexus dealership, either on the purchase of a new car or with maintenance. You can also earn two points for each dollar spent on gas, dining, and entertainment and one point for every dollar at all other locations. You can redeem your points for money off the purchase or lease of a Lexus. If you are happy with your current car you can also use your points for cashback, gift cards, and travel. This is ideal for those who want added versatility with their card.

2. GM BuyPower Card

If you enjoy the comfort and luxury that GM vehicles offer, you may want to consider this credit card. Consumers who currently own or lease a GM vehicle can use this card to upgrade the accessories and features of their current car. Those looking to purchase a GM car or truck can open up a credit card and use their rewards points to help them save on the initial price of the car or lease. You can also use the points to save on maintenance. The points you have never expire, as long as the credit card is active. This card allows you to save 5 percent of the first 5,000 dollars you spend each year and an additional 2 percent after that.

3. Chrysler MasterCard

This is another great credit card with many amazing benefits. You can use this card at a variety of different locations to help you earn more cash back offers. You can earn three points for each dollar spent at a Chrysler dealership, two points on travel, and one point on all other purchases. When you have many points accumulated you can redeem points for savings on a new Chrysler or purchase gift cards. There is no annual fee for this card so it is one of the better options for those looking to open a new credit card.

4. BMW Platinum visa Card

The BMW credit card offers an amazing incentive of extra bonus points. When new cardholders spend 500 dollars or more within the first 90 days of opening an account you can earn an extra 5000 bonus points that will be credited to your account. This is a great incentive for those looking to make a big purchase with their credit card. This card rewards you with four points for each dollar spent at a BMW dealership, three points for gas, two points for dining, and one point for all other purchases. This card also has no annual fee.

5. Toyota Rewards Visa

Toyota is a very reputable car manufacturer that already offers great incentives for their consumers. If you are looking to save even more, you may want to open up a Toyota rewards Visa. This card helps you earn points on all purchases, while the number of points varies. You can use your points to purchase or lease a new car. One of the best benefits of this card is that you can also use your points to help a friend or family member lease or purchase a new car as well.

If you are looking to save on the purchase or lease of your new car, you may want to consider opening up one of these auto rewards credit cards. The card that you choose to open should always be a personal decision that matches the needs that you currently have. Try finding a card that fits your lifestyle and your interests. If you are loyal to the brand of car you own, it may make sense to open up one of these cards. It can help you save on maintenance costs and help you afford the car of your dreams.

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